1992 Australian Cast

1992, Columbia Records Australia, 472855 2

Dr. Frank N. Furter: Craig McLachlan
Janet Weiss: Gina Riley
Brad Majors: Glenn Butcher
The Usherette/Magenta: Linda Nagle
Riff Raff: Peter Rowstorn
Columbia: Alyssa Jane Cook
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Wilbur Wilde
The Narrator: Red Symons
Rocky Horror: Christopher Kirby
Phantoms: Micheal Beckley, Andrea St. John, Micheal Cormick, Steven Judkins, Kate Johnson, Michael Dalton

Mark Meyer: drums
Joe Creighton: bass
Simon Patterson, Sam See, Craig McLachlan: guitars
Cezary Skubiszewski, Garth Porter: keyboards
Conrad Helfrich: piano
Alex Patou: percussion
Wilbur Wilde: saxophone
Susie Ahern, David Wilson, James Uluave: additional backing vocals

PRODUCED BY: Garth Porter
ASSISTED BY: Moira Lawson and Kaliju Tonuma
MIXED BY: Chris Corr and Garth Porter
SUPERVISED BY: Conrad Helfrich
MASTERED BY: Leon Zervos at Studios 301, Sydney


By the time the 1992 Australian Cast album of TRHS was released in 1992, there were already several other TRHS albums released, and this was the third Australian Cast recording. So it's no surprise that the producers of this recording decided to change the traditional arrangements to the show's score, and put out something new, fresh, and different. Well, this recording is very unlike most TRHS cast albums out there. The only exception is the 1995 New Zealand Cast album, which is almost identical to this recording except for the different performers.

The album itself was recorded to be more of a studio album, than an actual recording of how the songs are performed on stage. In fact, I have talked to people who saw this production, and they've said that some songs on this recording are no where near how they were done on stage. But I have to give credit to the producers of this album for being somewhat original and giving fans another way to enjoy the wonderful music that makes up TRHS.

This album was the first recording released with the show's opening line: "Glad you could come tonight!" (Not even the complete 1990 London Cast/The Whole Gory Story album included this line.) Then it goes into a completely new arrangement (and a fine one, too) of 'Science Fiction/Double Feature.' Almost every song on this recording has new arrangements. Some of them are good, some are not-so-good. For example, many of the songs end in fades. (A no-no on most soundtracks of musical cast recordings--how many live theatre musicals have songs that fade?) Columbia's solo in 'The Time Warp' sounds like a rap. The beginning of 'Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me' sounds like the theme from Batman. Some songs have lyrics altered a bit. Both 'Charles Atlas Song's are combined into one song (I personally like it that way myself---only on an albun, though.) In songs like 'Planet Schmanet, Janet' and 'Don't Dream It,' certain verses and/or choruses are repeated. For some mysterious reason, there is no Rocky Horror performing on this recording. 'The Sword Of Damocles' is not on the album, and Frank sings his floorshow solo.

One interesting new arrangement on this album is 'Eddie's Teddy.' On this recording, the song is transformed into a twangy country song. Personally, I think it's very hilarious, campy, and cute. But every other fan I know hates this particular arrangement. 'I'm Going Home' (to me) sounds very much like a U2 song (even the Frank sounds like Bono).

Since this album is so different from the traditional TRHS, I find that most fans either really love this recording, or they really HATE it. I really love it. (After hearing so many cast recordings, it's refreshing to hear something new.)

Oddly enough--the "Wild And Untamed Thing" section of 'Rose Tint My World' is not included on this recording. (This is the album's one weak point---'Rose Tint My World' sounds VERY incomplete without it.) Also, the album has a bonus track: 'The New Time Warp.' I guess this is supposed to be a remix of some sort. Maybe I'm just deaf, but I honestly cannot tell the difference between this version and the one earlier on the album. A CD single was also released in Australia containing 'The New Time Warp' and 'Sweet Transevestite.' (1992, Columbia Records Australia, 658880 2)

This album was a very original recording until the 1995 New Zealand Cast album was released. These two releases are almost identical to each other. The main difference between the two is that many of the vocals are arranged differently. But if you dislike one of the two albums, you'll dislike the other as well.

Plainly speaking, I really enjoy this recording. But not too many people agree with me. I guess you just have to hear it to decide for yourself. In any case, whether you like it or hate it in the end, I recommend that you at least give it a chance.

MISSING TRACKS: 'The Sword Of Damocles,' "Wild And Untamed Thing" section from 'Rose Tint My World,' and 'Science Fiction/Double Feature (reprise)'

Currently in print and available only in Australia. Footlight Records lists it in their mail order catalogue, but I cannot guarantee if they'll have it in stock. Try ordering it from a music dealer/retailer specializing in importing CD's.
The CD single of 'The New Time Warp' was only available in Australia and has since become a very impossible item to come across. Since both the songs on it are on the full album, you really aren't missing much. If you do find this CD single, expect to pay a lot for it.

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